This year has brought about unprecedented events, and we now find ourselves navigating through uncharted territory in deciding how to proceed in our “new normal.” As a newborn photographer and a mother of a small baby myself, I truly empathize with all new and expecting moms as they are encountering so much stress and uncertainty. This pandemic is as scary for me as a new parent as I’m sure it is for you, and I would never want to put my clients or myself/family in harm’s way. After much careful consideration and planning, a new set of safety and health measures have been implemented in the studio to help ensure the safety of your family and myself. One thing that has not changed, and in fact might be more important than ever, is that life is constantly changing; it is SO important to document these moments before they are gone. Babies are only little for such a small period of time, and I would never want a family to miss an opportunity to have newborn portraits they will cherish forever due to fear.

I have always taken a lot of pride in making sure the studio and all newborn sessions are absolutely safe for newborns and their families, and will of course be taking any and all precautions necessary to continue making safety a priority. In my nine years as a professional photographer that specifically specializes in newborns, I have completed many workshops and training that emphasize learning proper posing and safety techniques to ensure that your baby is never put in questionable or unsafe positions, and I am one of the most experienced and respected in our area. I have been fully vaccinated and stay up to date on flu shots. Newborn photography is a niche that requires a lot of equipment and props that are utilized solely by newborn photographers, and I constantly upgrade or replace items to make sure they are clean and safe. Anything that a baby touches during a session is sanitized after use. The following are additional measures I’ll be taking, and asking my clients’ cooperation.

– Mask worn (by me) at all times
– Extensive and regular use of hand sanitizer
– Full cleaning/sanitizing of all surfaces that a client/baby touches
– UV sanitizer used for headbands and small props that are otherwise difficult to clean
– Shoes removed at door (for both me and clients)
– Immediate family members ONLY allowed in studio
– Siblings asked to leave (with dad or other caregiver) after their portion of session
– 48 hours between studio sessions to allow full sanitizing/deep cleaning
– Clients MUST inform me of any fever or sickness and session must be rescheduled

Although it is impossible to predict what the future will hold, we can work together to safely create images your family will cherish for generations. I am confident that the studio is a far safer environment than you would encounter in any public space. The extremely low volume of traffic (clients by appointment only, and spaced 48 hours apart) and the consistent sanitizing of all props and equipment helps create a safe space for your family.

As we continue to learn more and develop a better understanding of what works and what does not, I will continue to evolve safety procedures. I am excited to continue to serve my clients, and my hope is that these measures help to give clients peace of mind.

Meghan Lewis