They Meet

Mom and Dad met in college at Colgate University. Ironically, they grew up one town away from each other their whole lives but had never met until their third year of college, despite having multiple mutual friends both at school and home.  They dated for ten years and finally got married at a beautiful ceremony at the Four Seasons.

The Pregnancy

The best thing about being pregnant was feeling Lucas move around. He loved to kick, move and roll all day and all night long-especially when Mom & Dad played “you are my sunshine” for him.

Gender Reveal

From Mom: “We asked to have the gender of our baby concealed so that we could reveal it to all of our friends together. However, once we had that sealed envelope at home we only lasted 24 hours before we were holding the envelope up to the light to try to catch a glimpse of the result. We then laughed at ourselves and realized, we could just open it up… and we did!”

Baby’s First Days filled with Love

“The first few days home were a whirlwind. Our home has been filled with love and family.  Lucas’ homecoming has been an exciting and memorable experience. Lucas was greeted by his fur sister Sophie, and fur brother Dewey, his grannie and poppie and great uncle Alan, his uncle James, his aunt Kelly and his cousins Jackson and Kaitlyn.”