They Meet

Mom and Dad have been together for three years, having met online despite living two and a half hours apart at the time. Their first date was at an Italian restaurant in Portland, Oregon. The next date was supposed to be a beautiful hike but the road leading up to the trailhead was grueling and Dad’s car broke down on the way up.

It was very remote and there was no cell service so they had to wait until some people came by to help out. The car repairs ended up costing a few thousand dollars, which they joke ended up being the most expensive date ever! Dad thought Mom wouldn’t go out with him again after the mishap but he was mistaken.

Mom wanted to do a discovery flying lesson and dad happened to be a pilot.  He agreed to come along and ride in the back for moral support. They started the day with breakfast at an airport cafe and went on the discovery flight which mom loved.  Afterwards they went on a waterfall hike where they shared their first kiss, before stopping at a winery and watching the sunset together; enjoying pizza, wine, and live music. They capped the day off by watching Top Gun (Dad’s favorite movie).  Both agree that the third date is when the magic happened and they knew it was serious!

Baby Makes Three

Mom found out she was expecting the day before their one year wedding anniversary. They were going to Gatorland for the day with a friend who was visiting and Mom was in a complete daze for most of the day, keeping quiet and trying to process the news herself. For their anniversary the next day she put two positive pregnancy tests in a gift bag with a baby onesie and gave it to Dad after dinner that night with a note that said ‘I can’t wait to meet you Daddy’. It was a sweet anniversary blessing!

It’s a gir…booooy!

“We were convinced we were having a girl for some reason.  When the OB/GYN called and said it was a boy, Mom Facetimed Dad.  He was away on a work trip, and she wanted to see the expression on his face. He was both surprised and happy and since it was Halloween Mom made a pumpkin Facebook announcement that said, ‘It’s a booooy!’ ”

Liam Arrives

“We first went to the hospital on Monday night because we thought Mom’s water had broken.  It was a false alarm so we got sent home. Tuesday night we ended up going back again because contractions had started and this time we were admitted. Labor lasted 38 long hours and finally resulted in a c-section.  The baby not moving down at all and the umbilical cord being wrapped around him.

The surgery went well and baby arrived safely and healthy. Dad was a great coach and we also had a wonderful doula.  She supported us the whole way and made the experience as holistic and natural as possible. The staff and facilities at Winnie Palmer Hospital were top notch, we’re glad we chose to deliver there!”