They Meet

Dad and Mom met in 10th grade but didn’t start to date until the end of their senior year.  There was always a mutual attraction but in high school and being in different friend groups it just never materialized until the end. They have been together since May, 2006. They had a long distance relationship during all of college.  Dad went to UF and Mom went to UCF.

It’s a Boy

Mom and Dad were out to dinner and Mom had mentioned to him that she was late. Dad was so excited that he got up right in the middle of dinner and ran(literally) to the Publix that was in the same shopping center to buy the pregnancy test. As soon as they got home Mom took the test to confirm she was pregnant.

Dad had always talked about how he wanted a whole basketball team of boys. Mom and Dad had always joked about that and figured they would have all girls. They were both very excited to find out they were having a boy, one step closer to Dad’s basketball team. They are both big sports fans so having a boy really fit them.

Brady Arrives

Labor and delivery went well at first. Mom’s water ended up breaking at home in the pantry as she was looking for breakfast! Thirteen hours later Brady was born.  Unfortunately, Mom experienced some complications but they were very thankful Brady was healthy. Dad did great, he was very supportive the entire time, never leaving Mom’s side.

Mom and Dad couldn’t believe how much hair Brady had when he came out! Neither of them had much, if any, hair at all so they were both surprised when he came out with the full head of hair. Mom’s horrible pregnancy heartburn supports the myth!