They Meet

Mom and Dad met on Match almost seven years ago. Amberlyn got online on a whim and signed up after feeling a pull to do so. Troy was her very first date! Troy says he was planning to get off of Match after a lack of success and Amberlyn was his very last date before he was going to cancel his membership.

They met over sushi and the date went so well they planned their second date right away. When asked how the date went, Dad mentioned to his friend that “he was going to marry that girl”. The rest is history.

Ironically, they uncovered during the date that their hometowns, in the Panhandle of Florida (where they grew up and where their family still lives) are only an hour apart from each other.

They’re Expecting

Amberlyn had asked Troy to pick up a pregnancy test one day. She told him not to get excited because she was 99% sure she wasn’t pregnant. Amberlyn hadn’t been feeling well but had chalked it up to sickness.  She just wanted to be able to cite a negative pregnancy test as a rule out to the doctors.

When Troy got home he asked Amberlyn when she was going to take the test, but Amberlyn just said “at some point” so he didn’t think much more about it. However, the curiosity was killing her so she took it as soon as he left the room. It showed positive immediately. Amberlyn was in shock and as she walked out of the room, Troy couldn’t help but notice and asked if she was okay.

She had planned on keeping it a surprise and telling him in some sort of cute way, but she was so shocked that she couldn’t keep it a secret! When she told Troy, tears welled up in his eyes and his face had this soft, sweet look that Amberlyn will never forget. The shock of things didn’t wear off for the whole weekend- it was very surreal for both of them! They were very nervous, but even more so, excited for what was to come.

They’re Waiting

Mom was very apprehensive about pregnancy. She had heard a lot of horror stories about how difficult the journey was for others and wasn’t looking forward to going through it herself. However, the most surprising thing about being pregnant for her was how MUCH she LOVED being pregnant.

Her favorite part was around 19 weeks when she felt Vail kick for the first time. She loved watching her belly move with each little movement of her little one and enjoyed watching it grow. The upside to being pregnant? You don’t have to suck in and you have an excuse to order off the desert menu (even if it is over lunch)!

It’s a Girl!

Mom and Dad had a gender reveal party when Amberlyn was 15 weeks along. Family and very close friends were there to find out with them in person and on FaceTime, which made it extra special.  Mom and Dad were surprised with lots decorations and baby clothing on reveal day!

Amberlyn and Troy hadn’t talked much about their desires for a boy over a girl or vice versa at all during the pregnancy; however, Amberlyn noticed Troy was incredibly nervous the day of the reveal (even more so than on their wedding day). When confronted, Troy verbalized that up until that day, he didn’t realize how badly he wanted a girl.

When they cut into the cake and saw the pink icing, Mom equally realized how much her heart had wished for a girl when the happy tears started flowing (well, it was either that or the hormones). Mom was so excited that she started online shopping for cute baby outfits right away!

One of Amberlyn’s favorite moments was catching Troy watching the reveal video over and over… and tearing up a bit as he watched it each time. Although he would say it wasn’t tears, it was allergies. 🙂 Side note: Doing a cake for the reveal is highly reccomended as it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Mom craved sweets during her pregnancy and that cake was delicious.

The Perfect Name for Baby

Mom loved city names like London, Sienna & Aspen. Dad liked traditional names like Rosalie & Evelyn. However, they enjoy skiing in Colorado and on a ski trip to Vail once, one of them said “You know, Vail would be a gorgeous name for a little girl?”. Fast forward years later and they remembered that conversation and decided that Vail would be her middle name.

As Mom and Dad spoke more and more about it, they ultimately felt the name spoke to them too much and decided to make it her first name. They also liked how unique it would be. Mom and Dad hoped she would be as strong and beautiful as the mountains she shares a name with and they are seeing that to be true. They decided on Rosalie as a middle name to add a femininity to compliment her strong first name. In the end, she ended up with both a city name and a classic name. Compromise!

Funny story- they COULD NOT decide on a middle name and decided to wait till she was born to figure out what spoke to them. The birth certificate lady came in every day asking for their paperwork, but they could not settle on a name. Mom was discharged from the hospital on a Friday. She was like, “the office closes for the weekend in literally 10 minutes, you HAVE to pick a name!!!”. Mom and Dad flipped a coin and Rosalie ended up being the winner. Nonetheless, they are very confident with the choice and feel like the name suits her sweet side.

Baby Girl Arrives

Amberlyn started to go into labor on Tuesday evening and around 11pm decided it was time to go to the hospital, which was 45 minutes from home. Once Mom and Dad got to triage, they hooked her up to the monitors and determined her contractions weren’t quite strong enough and sent us home. As luck would have it, when they walked in the front door of the house, Amberlyn’s water broke. They made the 45 minute drive back to the hospital where they waited through 21 hours of labor to meet their sweet girl.

Mom waited for that loud cry and instead she didn’t hear anything which gave her quite the scare. As a result, Vail was immediately rushed to the NICU where she had a five day stay for various tests. Mom and Dad are happy to report she is now healthy and happy as ever! Dad did wonderful and mastered his duty of fan-holder and hand-holder.

A big shout out to all the nurses at Winter Park Memorial Hospital– Mom says they would have been lost without them. Special thanks goes to L&D nurse Kelly who hunted down all the red popsicles in the hospital (Mom’s favorite flavor and the only thing she could eat, next to vegetable broth, for 21 hours).

First Thoughts

From Dad:

“Oh my goodness this is the most beautiful, most amazing human I’ve ever seen. She is so precious and tiny! Look at all that dark hair! Gosh, I hope she is as gorgeous as her momma!”. It was more of an overwhelming sense of love for both my child and my wife. It was less of a thought and more of a feeling. Although, I was extremely scared because she wasn’t crying. I immediately felt a sense of protectiveness and a desire to want to fix the situation.

From Mom:

“Wow, this is the feeling that everyone talks about but says cannot be described. I totally get it now”.  From that moment forward I just felt the urge to protect her and be with her. I realized that it would never be solely about Troy and I anymore. Her needs would always come first and was completely okay with that. When I looked over at Troy, he had big alligator tears in his eyes, with amazement over this human being we created. I knew life had forever changed for the better.

Bringing Home Baby

The first few days at home have been a lot of trial and error, but have been easier in some ways/harder in other ways than expected. She is a really good night time sleeper so we have been blessed with that. Sometimes she sleeps up to 5 hours! The trade off is, she is a terrible napper. The girl struggles with FOMO (fear of missing out) just like the rest of us.

We are lucky to have had a lot of family help so it has brought us all together- a nice added bonus to bringing home our baby. We are LOVING all the baby snuggles and grins. She grows and changes right in front of our eyes. We are just trying to soak it all in and appreciate each little moment and milestone as it comes. We know she won’t be this small for long. Being a parent is the greatest blessing ever!

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