Mom says the best part about being pregnant was just being pregnant.   Mom and Dad had been trying to have a baby for a few years. The worst part (and something no one mentioned to Mom) is that you pee sometimes involuntarily.  Not good for someone who has severe allergies and sneezes a lot!!


Nicole’s name was picked out from the beginning. Dad really wanted to name her Mindy but it turns out that he had a crush on a little girl with the same name (in kindergarten!) so Mom vetoed that pretty quickly!!

Baby Arrives

Mom says labor and delivery were pretty scary!  Just as Mom started to push the doctor realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck so an emergency C-section was performed. Dad was incredibly calm and supportive through the entire thing which helped keep Mom calm.

Beautiful Girl

Mom says, “She looks exactly like me, which is pretty much what we expected. Dad is just happy she didn’t get his ears!!”