A Perfect Match

Mom was working in TX at the same time that dad was doing an oral surgery internship at the same hospital. Two of mom’s coworkers from ICU thought she would be a perfect match with one of the interns in their clinic. So six years later, four of those long distance (Mom in Texas, Dad in California and moving to Florida at the completion of his residency), – here they are! They became engaged in May of 2016, married in April of 2017 and became a mom and dad on January 1, 2018!

They’re expecting

Mom had actually been busy with auditions for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders the Saturday before they found out. After auditions on Saturday, Mom came home and just felt the need to take a test… and it was positive! The first thing she remembers thinking was, ‘I knew it!!!’ She hadn’t really had any symptoms…just felt different. Mom went out to the living room and just told Dad, “You’re going to be a dad!” They were both excited. Mom was too excited to get creative with an announcement. 🙂

It’s a Boy

Mom was at a maternal fetal medicine appointment for a sonogram and at first thought she wouldn’t find out, but out of the corner of her eye during a profile, it was like, “Whoop there it is!!!!!!!!” Yeah just flew up between the legs – oh it’s a boy! Mom went to the gift shop and got a giraffe (safari theme nursery) and put blue balloons on it and put it in a bag with tissue paper. She went to Dad’s office and told the girls there she was going to tell him what they were having. He came out to the front between patients and opened the bag and blue balloon came out! All the girls started crying! Mom was so glad to share that moment with him and the girls because they are like family.

He Arrives

Labor was very easy. Contractions started at 6 am, Mom and Dad got to hospital at 8 am and Mom was already at 4 cm. They were taken into Labor & Delivery for an epidural within 30 minutes (even though Mom was going to put it off because the contractions were not that bad yet).

Dad had to go home and take care of the dogs real quick. While Dad was gone, the doctor came in and said he was going to break Mom’s water. She asked him if he could wait. When Dad came back, Mom asked him to help her sit forward a little bit and her water broke!

Mom says she had the best epidural ever!!! Three pushes and the little guy was out!!! Dad is used to seeing blood and all that so he did fine. Mom says that deep down he might have been more nervous than her… it was just harder for her to hide her nervousness.

Those First Few Days

There was a lot of family around so the first few days at home were stressful for Mom – but now that it’s just Mom and Dad, they are getting to adapt to their new little family and figuring out their sweet boy. Mom says that sometimes she feels worthless sitting on the couch with him sleeping and nursing all day but it’s like he is already changing so much and she just wants to hold on to every moment she can with him.