They Meet

Jason and I met in a restaurant we worked at, back in 2006. Jason was bartending while starting his career in sales, and I was waitressing while paying my way through Undergrad and [eventually] graduate school. We were an unlikely pair- both at different places in life. Jason starting his career and ready to settle down, while I was still in college and just learning how to be an adult. Our chemistry was undeniable, and eventually we became inseparable.

We have been together ever since. We still visit that old restaurant, where we shared our first years together.

The Pregnancy

I was tired 24 hours a day, every day.  I am not one to rest and I love being active. I’m usually waking up early every morning with energy- even without coffee! I love going to work every day, and when I get home, I love going for long walks outside with Briar and our dog, Georgia. As soon as I became pregnant with Charlotte, my energy completely evaporated. It took so much effort to walk from the couch to the bedroom- I was lifeless- and it was a huge bummer!

It’s a Girl

We found out we were having a girl and we were both thrilled! We wanted Briar (big sister) to know the unconditional love of sisterhood, and know the girls will be lifelong best friends.

Briar was born with dark hair and olive skin, so we assumed Charlotte would be the same! Little did we know, we were going to meet a fair-skinned strawberry blonde!

Mom’s Thoughts

I remember feeling shocked and overwhelmed with both deliveries. It truly is a miracle. It is amazing to see a real baby be lifted into your arms. The feeling is indescribable.

I call Charlotte my “angel baby.” She is a total sweetheart. Eat, sleep, repeat.