Thank goodness it’s a boy!

Mom and Dad just COULD NOT wait to find out if they were having a girl or a boy. With little patience, they had the blood test done at 11 weeks. They were both crossing their fingers for a boy, but especially Mom. She has wanted nothing but a bouncing baby boy her whole life! When they got the news that they were expecting a boy, Mom cried tears of joy and relief! She was so happy that her prayers were answered and that she was getting her little boy!!


While discussing baby names, Dad mentioned that he really wanted to honor his grandfather since he was the most influential man in his life. Mom and Dad decided not to use great grandfather’s name (Kenneth Clyde) but to replicate his initials, KCR.

As part of the deal, if the baby was a girl, Mom would get to pick the whole name! Once they found out they were having a boy, they got to work looking for “K” and “C” names and both loved Kameron Cole.

The nursery was ready for Kameron five months ahead of his arrival! Dad had a lot of fun helping to decorate the nursery with Mom. Despite several pieces of wooden furniture being cracked and repeatedly returned to the store, the room is now a perfect woodlands nursery.