They Meet

If anyone knows Dad and his sweet tooth, you would find it likely for him to meet his future wife over candy.  Mom and Dad met previously through mutual friends but it wasn’t until Dad was working at Disney’s Magic Kingdom during his College Program that they began to get closer. Mom worked at the Confectionary on Main Street and Dad used to stop by to see her and try samples of the fudge she was making. The rest is history.

Irish Eyes are Smiling

Mom and Dad had friends that spoke highly of a recent trip to Ireland.  They decided that they just had to go too.  Mom and Dad booked a trip in May and had such a good time!  Within two months of their arrival back home, they booked another trip back to Ireland to celebrate New Years.

Sweet Olivia is their little Irish souvenir.  Mom surprised Dad with a bunch of little things from Ireland to have an “Irish” themed night. She hid the pregnancy test in a box.  They were so happy to see how quickly they were able to get pregnant.  It was so special to bring back the best gift from their favorite place!

Mom’s First Thoughts

The first time I saw my baby girl was the most emotional moment of my life. The amount of emotions I was experiencing in one moment were impactful. There was relief at the end of a hard, long labor, amazement from the miracle of birth, and love from seeing my daughter for the very first time. My husband was such a rock for me during labor and seeing him hold his daughter for the first time was seeing love at first sight. We definitely have a daddy’s little girl.