They Meet

Mom and Dad met at a UCF football game.  They had mutual friends and met by chance while tailgating for a game.  Dad says that after meeting Mom he knew she was the one he wanted to be with.  Just a little while after their first real date he asked her to be his girlfriend!  Yep, he actually asked that question and she laughed…because who asks that question anymore?  They’ve been together ever since; almost 11 years.

The Gender Reveal

Dad and Mom decided find out what they were having as soon as possible.  Brinley’s birth has been a long time coming for them so they really wanted to celebrate her announcement.

They threw a party and found out at the same time as all of the guests during a fireworks show.  A neighbor who is a pyrotechnics professional set up the show to pause in the middle and then have a section with nothing but pink fireworks.  It was one of the best feelings Mom and Dad have ever had in their lives.  Honestly, they would have reacted the same if the fireworks would have been blue because they’ve just never been this excited about anything in their entire lives.

To sum it all up in a couple of words;  Pure Joy.  It was such an amazing experience to share with their closest friends and family too!

Here’s a 360 video of the point when they found out.

The Nursery

Setting up the nursery was really a lot of fun.  Mom and Dad went with a nonstandard theme for a girl and the room is a mix of stereotypical girl stuff with an engineering and science twist on it.  They have a blueprint of Cinderella’s castle in Brinley’s room along with patent drawings of classic toys and a merry-go-round.  Dad also created a piece of art that shows the physics effects on a ballet dancer alongside the patent drawings for a toe shoe.  Mom was very trusting by letting Dad do this and helped a ton providing feedback on the artwork and the design of the nursery.  Check out how Dad created the physics of a pirouette artwork here.

A Little Princess

Brinley looked sooo much more pretty than we expected.  So many babies look like old men when they are born, no matter if they are boys or girls.  I think it has something to do with being so wrinkly.  Brin wasn’t like that at all though.  Perhaps it was because she was born early and only weighed 5 pounds 4 oz., but she looked like the tiniest little doll that we’ve ever seen.  She was perfect in every way. ~Dad