It’s a Boy!

Dad and Mom found out what they were having pretty early on in the pregnancy. Mom was actually home alone when the doctor called to let hew know the results of a test and then asked if she wanted to know the sex of the baby. She knew she should really wait for Dad, but she just couldn’t help herself and said yes! She was so excited to find out they were having another boy.

Mom kept it a secret all day and when Dad came home that night, there was a box of blue balloons for him to open! Once they knew they were having another boy, the name was easy. Peter was given the middles names of both of his grandfathers. Mom and Dad love that it is classic and timeless!

A Hurricane Baby

Peter’s birth was scheduled for 39 weeks when Mom was still in her second trimester. Of course, no one could have anticipated that it would be a few days before Hurricane Irma would his Orlando! Not only did Mom and Dad have to plan for the birth of their second child, but they also had to prepare for when they would come home and the possibility of no power or a damaged home.

It was a pretty stressful time! Luckily, they ended up staying in the hospital throughout the hurricane and went home the following Tuesday. Fortunately, as they were being discharged, the power at the house came back on. Peter is probably destined to be a meteorologist!