They Meet

Mom and Dad met at an FSU tailgate party.  Dad was a childhood friend of Mom’s brother-in-law (her sister’s husband).  Mom and her sister never have to worry about their husband’s getting along! 🙂

The Arrival

Mom had a scheduled C-section for September 5th. With their first child, she never went into labor. This time around she went into labor the night before the scheduled C-section! The on-call nurse said to go to the hospital but Mom and Dad decided to wait and take their son to breakfast and daycare first. It all worked out and they ended up having Callie with their own doctor at their scheduled time that afternoon!

Callie ended up with auburn (reddish) hair which neither Mom nor Dad have. That was a surprise but they absolutely love it! Dad’s grandmother had red hair- guessing that’s where it came from!Hurricane Irma Baby

The first few days home were hectic- we had hurricane Irma and then family who lost power stayed with Mom and Dad for nine days!  Nothing like having a newborn and house guests.  Thankfully, it all worked out!