They Meet

Mom and Dad met years ago while still in high school. Mom would come up to Orlando from Key West for cheerleading competitions and summer vacations with friends. They would stay at Dad’s parent’s house – they had three boys and Mom always had 3 or 4 girlfriends with her on the trips. They’ve been friends since the moment they met and kept in touch through the years, dating here and there. About seven years ago things got serious. They’ve been through the best of times and the worst of times together and finally got married in February 2016. Mom and Dad started out as friends, but have always loved each other. It’s such a blessing to be able to marry your best friend!

They’re Expecting

Mom found out she was pregnant at her yearly doctor’s appointment. The doctor came in and said, “Well, looks like there is a faint line that you may be pregnant.” Mom was completely stunned that she was 2-3 weeks pregnant. She kept it a secret for a couple more weeks so she could surprise Dad on Christmas morning. While getting blood tests, she would tell Dad that she was out Christmas shopping and she even had him thinking she was drinking (cranberry and club soda!).

On Christmas morning after they had finished opening gifts, Dad opened his stocking. He found scratch off tickets, candy, and the tiniest onesie that said ‘Hi Daddy!’ At first, he thought the onesie was for their five pound dog, Molly! After Mom telling him about 25 times that they WERE pregnant, it finally sunk in, and they had the BEST Christmas present ever!

It’s a Girl!

Mom and Dad had a gender reveal party at their home with family and close friends. They had the bakery bake either a pink or blue cake. Initially, the WHOLE family thought it was a boy. Boys have been prominent on both side of the family, so it only made sense that this would be a little guy too. Needless to say, when Mom and Dad cut the cake and it was bursting with PINK, the whole room screamed with shock.

Deciding on a Name

Finding a name that everyone liked proved difficult! Mom and Dad finally decided on Mom’s middle name – Elizabeth. They loved the classic name, but didn’t want anyone calling her Liz, Beth, or any nickname. They went out to sushi with the grandparents and threw out about 100 girl names and came up with Olivia Elizabeth. Mom and Dad had lived on Olivia Street in Key West. They knew instantly that this name had a special place in their hearts and it only made sense to name her Olivia Elizabeth to keep her Key West roots alive!

Getting Ready

Dad has been in construction his whole life, so Mom and Dad had a great time getting the nursery together.   Of course, they chose to make the room fit for a princess. It’s a beautiful pink with gray accent tones; whimsical and French Country. They found a beautiful chandelier and hung it from the ceiling. Dad created a design around the chandelier for Olivia to look up at. Every time they walk into the nursery it feels calm and beautiful. They had a great time channeling their inner DIY and creating the most gorgeous sanctuary for Olivia.

First Thoughts – In Mom’s Own Words

We both thought- OMG she is so tiny! The doctor had us worried that she was going to be a nine pound baby but she ended up being 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20 inches long. We laughed when they weighed her and were very shocked!
Both of us were on an instant high from the moment she arrived. The best thing we have ever done in our lives was to create this perfect blend of us both. It’s so cliché but her first breath took ours away! We are so blessed to experience this never-ending love and bond with Olivia.

The first few days at home were exhausting and a total adjustment for us all. Being first time parents is a lot of work but it has also been so rewarding and amazing. I lived in pajamas for the first couple of days, but we are now getting into the swing of things!

The second week of Olivia’s life we went through Hurricane Irma. Growing up in Florida, you are used to hurricanes but this one was extra hard because she was so young and we were up all night making sure Olivia was ok. We had to stay at my parent’s house because we didn’t have power. My parent’s house was stacked with ten people because my family evacuated from Key West for the hurricane. Olivia got to meet her aunt and uncles and cousins that week.

We also got to go on an outing and meet Meghan for her photos after the studio got power! The first couple of weeks were a whirlwind from the birth, going through her first hurricane, living with family in one house and trying to get into a routine but they have been the most rewarding weeks of our lives!