It’s a Girl!

Mom and Dad found out they were having a little girl at 16 weeks. Dad says he wasn’t surprised because he just knew it would be a girl as soon as they found out they were expecting. Mom has wanted a baby girl her whole life, so she was so happy!


It took Mom and Dad awhile to choose a name because nothing seemed quite right.  Brainstorming independently one day, they both came up with Jacquelyn and knew it was perfect. It’s a very meaningful name for the family. It starts with a “J” like Dad and ends with a “lyn” like her Aunt and her middle name, Anne, is after book her grandmothers who have passed away.

Jacquelyn was not ready to enter the world. Mom had to be induced at 41 weeks and still had to push for four hours! Miss Jacquelyn was a big girl at 8 lbs 7 oz. She surprised everyone with strawberry blonde hair like Mom.