What was the best part of the pregnancy?

While this seems sad, there are a few moments that are very special for me. Three months into the pregnancy, I rather surprisingly lost my mother. I was able to tell her I was pregnant with my second baby (and her 8th grandchild) and I knew that made her happy. At her funeral, I felt the baby move for the first time–a little flutter to know she was with me, a beautiful moment.

Any surprises?

I was due for a planned c-section on September 18. Jordan is my second baby and while I wasn’t looking forward to another c-section, I was happy that I wouldn’t have to go through painful labor again! A planner by nature, I felt good knowing I could prepare on my terms. Jordan had other plans though and decided to come one month early. We tried our best to keep him in as long as possible but after four painful days of contractions, our little one was born happy and healthy. Instead of no labor, I got four days of it!! A constant reminder that some things in life are out of your hands, a valuable lesson for me.