They Meet

Mom and Dad met by chance. Mom was looking for a prom date and asked a friend’s boyfriend to introduce her to some of his friends. When Mom first met Dad, all he did was talk about his mother. Mom knew then and there that he was the one!

They’re expecting

Mom found out she was expecting during the busy holidays. The family was running around between school functions, charity work, and holiday parties. Dad had been on the road the entire day, so he rushed home to get ready for dinner with friends. While he was showering, Mom left the pregnancy test next to his towel. Dad almost fell in the shower!

When Mom went to the doctor, she was told that there was no baby. The family went on a skiing trip in Canada. With the doctor’s greenlight, Mom enjoyed sushi, beer and wine. Went skiing and fell down. Lo and behold, when they returned home and went back to the doctor, sure enough, there was a beating heart in the ultrasound. Completely unexpected!

It’s another boy!

Mom and Dad wanted to wait until the birth to find out the gender, but the ultrasound technician basically told them it was a boy. Now they’re a family with three boys!

Baby prep was super slow. When you have a third child, you don’t stress too much about the details. Mom and Dad basically got everything at the last moment without it being too stressful.

Mom’s thoughts

I just thought that the whole process, the pregnancy, the move to a new state and house, the new school, everything was put into perspective. Life has a funny way of reminding you of the truly important things… love truly has no limits.

[The first few days home have been] Super relaxing. Baby is a little angel. We have been loving every single minute