The Perfect Match

Mom and Dad have been together for over 20 years and blessed to be married for the past 14 years. They met at Joe’s Crab Shack.  Mom says that Dad was the best dancer in the restaurant and always made people laugh with his fancy moves.

Two Boys

Mom and Dad couldn’t wait and found out they were having another boy.  They asked God for two healthy babies and have been counting their blessings that they were given two beautiful boys.  Plus, who doesn’t love saving money on hand-me-down clothes?!

Mom was blessed with an easy pregnancy with both of her boys.  Mason was a constant kicker, so he’ll soon be enjoying soccer with his big brother!


Mason looks just like his big brother and it is the first comment from people when they first see him.  So much so, that even Mom has a hard time telling the baby pictures apart!  During a sleepless night, Dad showed her a picture of Mason and she thought he was playing a joke on her and that it was big brother’s baby picture.  It’s mind-blowing to see all the similarities between the kids.

Mom has been enjoying every moment because she already knows too well that they grow up quickly!