Mom and Dad Meet

Mom and Dad first met in college in 2002 where they became really good friends. It wasn’t until eight years later when they decided to give take the relationship a step further.  It’s all about timing in life, and it seems that the timing was just perfect. Now seven years later, they are blessed with Melia Eleina.  Her name resinates their love story since the hotel where they celebrated their engagement and later celebrated their wedding was called Melia.

In Mom’s Own Words

We can truly say we have never experienced a love so pure before Melia came into our lives.  From the first moment that I was able to touch her little head while pushing in Labor and Delivery, and Daddy saw her little hair-filled head, our hearts grew.  She embodies everything that I have ever thought I wanted or needed in life.  At first sight, there were no words that could explain our happiness and awe.  From the first day she has shown us how strong she is and that she was ready to fight any battles life was ready to throw at her.  She is our little breastfeeding champ, minutes after birth she had no issues latching. Although we had a couple little scares throughout the labor process and postpartum, she persevered every obstacle.  She is our perfect little angel, a glimpse of her smile, brightens up our day.  We want to enjoy every second of every day with our little angel.