They Meet

Mom and Dad were actually on a double date the first time they met. Later, they became friends and Mom kept trying to set Dad up with her friends. Mom soon became jealous and told him… and he felt the same way and told her he had fallen for her! The rest is history!

They’re Expecting

Mom took a pregnancy test moments before Dad came home from work. She left the pregnancy test in the bathroom on accident and he found it first!

According to Mom, the best thing about pregnancy is all the special treatment. The worst thing is not being able to bend down. The most annoying thing was the heartburn and not being able to sleep.

She Arrives

Labor and delivery were great. Dad played music on his phone for Mom and rubbed her feet during labor. Dad was by Mom’s side the entire time!

When she arrived, Mom and Dad both cried. They both thought about how blessed they truly are.

Brylee got her name as a combination of Dad’s first name, Brian, and Mom’s middle name, Lee.