Mom and Dad Meet

Mom and Dad met at a motocross track!  Dad won first place that night.  Who thinks he may have been trying to impress Mom?

It’s a Girl!

Mom and Dad couldn’t wait to find out what they were having!  They counted down the days, waiting in anticipation for the phone call to come in!  Mom and big brother were playing in the house when the call finally came.  They immediately headed out to Party City to get a bunch of pink balloons.  Dad came home for lunch and big brother popped out of the hallway closet with the balloons.  Everyone was so excited!!

Big Brother Decides

Abigail (Abby) was the at the top of the name list and Mom and Dad kept going back to it! Both came up with different names but only agreed on a few. The final two were Abby and Taylor. They continued to go back and forth between the two names! Finally, Mom asked big brother!  He said Abby and so the decision was done!