Baby Time

Mom told dad that they were expecting with a poem.  It wasn’t going to be a real surprise since they had been trying for a while, so Mom decided to have a little fun with it.  Each month Dad was expecting her to tell him yes or no.  She taped the positive pregnancy test to a piece of paper which read:

“Roses are red, test lines are pink.

Look what we did!! What do you think?!”

At first Dad didn’t believe it. After five months of scrutinizing every test with a microscope and laser vision, he assumed this one would be the same. Once he looked at it though, it was clear.  This one was not like the others! Yay!

It’s a …

Mom and Dad decided not to find out if they were having a boy or girl. When they went in for the 20-week ultrasound appointment, Mom and Dad told them “NOPE!  Just let us know when we need to close our eyes!”  Needless to say, about half the appointment was spent with closed eyes and Mom whispering to Dad that if he peeked he’d be in big trouble!

There are limited surprises of this magnitude in life and they wanted the day of their little one’s birth to be the big reveal. Also, it was a special thing for just Mom and Dad to share in the delivery room.  On August 5th, they welcomed their baby girl!  The whole family was team girl (already having a 2 year old boy) and they thought it would be special to have a boy and a girl.  Both Dad and Mom’s reactions were pure joy that they now have a perfectly healthy and beautiful girl!

Baby Names

Mom likes really unique and original names and Dad likes very traditional, biblical, and somewhat ordinary names.  Mom’s picks included Atlas, Bode (like the US Olympic skier), and Harrison for boy names and December, Arya, Addison, and Emerson for girl names.  Dad’s picks were Michael and Emily.  There are already three Michaels in the immediate families.  Mom and Dad ultimately chose names that weren’t so “out there” like Atlas or December, but still unique that not everyone will name their child the same thing; Harrison for a boy and Emerson for a girl.  Emerson it was!

Emerson Arrives

You know the old wives tale about heartburn?  If you have heartburn the baby has a lot of hair?  Ya, so that didn’t pan out at all.  Mom had no heartburn and Emerson came out with a thick head of very dark brown, almost black, hair.  Unsurprisingly, it looks like she’ll have brown eyes like Dad, but that hair though!   From what she looks like so far, no one can tell who she looks more like.  Mom says she’s a perfect mix of both Mom and Dad, just like big brother.

Baby Comes Home

“The first few days home with Emerson have been wonderful!  The second time around has been so much easier for me and I think for dad, as well.  Just knowing the deal and what to expect better prepared me for the first few days with a newborn this time around.  Also, I do believe I have a unicorn child. You know the ones. They sleep all day and all night and never really fuss.  Yea…I got one of those.”