Mom and Dad want a Boy

As we began informing our families of our upcoming arrival, they all excitedly expressed their desire for a baby girl. Little did they know, both my husband and I wanted a little boy, in fact, my husband just began telling everyone that he only could make boys so there was NO chance of a girl. When we went to the doctors for the gender sonogram, my husband was staring at the screen awaiting the “shot” to reveal our baby’s gender. As soon as the “shot” appeared, he whispered, very happily, “It’s a boy!” before the sonographer could even tell us herself. I must say, he was very excited!


We had selected a few names for our son but then each decided on our favorite name. We had selected Diego (Dad’s choice) and Sebastian (Mom’s choice). Of course, we each felt strongly about OUR pick of the name. Until one day, when we were out and about and heard someone shout, “Go Diego, Go!” My husband looked at me and said, “We can’t choose Diego, it makes me think of Dora when I hear that.” And Sebastian won the baby name!