They Meet

Mom and Dad met on a Royal Caribbean cruise going to the Bahamas! Dad was chaperoning his little brother who had just graduated from high school, and met Mom on the dance floor. They spent the entire cruise hanging out but never exchanged information. A couple of days after they returned from the cruise, Mom had a Facebook message from Dad. He had searched Facebook looking for her! They’ve been together for 8 years now, and married for almost 5 years.

It’s a Girl

Mom and Dad just had to find out the baby’s gender! Mom really wanted a girl and Dad had no preference. They were both so excited to find out it was a girl! Dad said later that he was looking forward to his first born being a girl. Mom and Dad had picked out a couple names and Stella was one of them. But when they bought a crib bedding set that was named Stella, it felt like a sign!

Stella Arrives!

Labor and delivery was a whirlwind. Mom wanted to have a natural birth, without medicine or much medical intervention. She tried laboring at home as long as possible, for 8 hours and finally Grandma convinced her to go to the hospital to get checked. Good thing they went when they did! When they checked Mom they discovered that her heart rate was dropping low with each contraction.

Mom and Dad got to the hospital at 3:30 am and by 5 am they were rushing Mom to surgery for an emergency C-section. She had to have general anesthesia because they were rushing for time. Because of this, Dad couldn’t be in the delivery and they didn’t get any photos of their new family of three together because Mom was still in recovery. Daddy and Stella got to bond together alone and Mom got to see her a couple hours later-and that was Stella’s first experience meeting her Mommy and Daddy.

A Sleepy Start

Stella spent her first 8 days in the NICU because of breathing troubles. When she finally got home, Mom and Dad’s sleep deprivation kicked in! She was up every 2 hours to eat. She’s very alert and likes to fight sleep now – Mom and Dad think she has a fear of missing out on fun! She loves to snuggle, and prefers Mom and Dad to hold and rock her. Stella is very mature for her age, as she was born at 42 weeks, and every one comments on how developed she is for her age!