They Meet

Mom and Dad met at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), however they didn’t start dating until 2011. After three years of mutual friends telling each of them they had the perfect person for the other. If they had only allowed their friends to set them up earlier, they probably would have been married sooner.

The Pregnancy

According to Mom, the most annoying thing about being pregnant was never knowing what pre-maternity clothing item was going to fit. Even if it fit a few days prior, it didn’t mean it would still fit when you decide you would like to wear it.

Mom says the most surprising thing about being pregnant is the changes that basically happen over night as you move through the pregnancy. Especially when your partner can feel the baby move for the first time or hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time or to see your baby’s features on the 3D ultrasound.

Gender Reveal

The best surprise was the gender reveal during the baby shower. Mom and Dad decided to find out by cutting into the cake. They thought that would be the perfect time to thank everyone for coming and for their continuous love and support, since they would already have everyone’s attention.  Mom and Dad cut into the cake and the crowd got noisy!  They had decided to play a little prank on the guests. The cake had both pink and blue coloring so guests for screaming team pink, team blue and then, wait twins? At that time Mom and Dad brought out a gender reveal balloon, popped it in front the guests to find out they were having a girl! It was extra special because Mom and Dad waited to find out the gender of their first born along with their guests.

The Name

Dad, not knowing the sex of our baby ahead of time, was convinced it was a girl.  He only picked out girl names beginning with the letter B. Mom on the other hand had mostly boy names picked out starting the letter B and pretty much a name for almost every letter for a girl making agreeing on a name difficult.

The Delivery

Dad was amazing! He coached Mom through the delivery screaming PUSH and providing words of encouragement throughout the entire process. Mom says she couldn’t have asked for a better coach, better partner or better delivery. Everything was absolutely as it should have been!