The Arrival

Davis was almost born on I-4! This was Mom’s biggest fear and it almost came true.  Someone must have been watching over them. They were coming from Lake Mary to Winnie Palmer. Traffic was clear the entire way, which is completely unheard of. From the time they got to the hospital until Davis’ arrival was less than 15 minute.

They were at a haircut appointment for their 2 year old and the contractions came on quickly.  They didn’t even have time to run home to grab their hospital bag. The ladies in the salon were thinking through the supplies that they had on hand in case they needed to help deliver the baby there!  Dad was such a trooper and kept his cool throughout everything.  Mom and Dad are fortunate that everything worked out! They’ll have to think through alternate plans if they decide to have Baby #3. J

Little Brother

Big brother Donovan was a big baby when he was born and Davis was on track to be similar.  But when he arrived a couple weeks early, he weighed a pound less than his brother at delivery (and with a lot less hair).  Mom was happy about this since she didn’t have time for an epidural!

Welcome Home

They first few days home were actually pretty amazing since Mom and Dad had a better idea of what to expect this time around.  With their first, they were complete zombies on zero sleep.  Since they have moved out further from their friends since then, the visits were minimal comparatively.  It was nice that they were able to hang out, binge watch Netflix, and acclimate to their new family of four.