meghan-vail-photography_2228They Meet

Mom and Dad met in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mom was friends with Dad’s twin sister.  She had been trying to play matchmaker with them for a few months.  Both had recently gotten out of serious relationships, so neither was really looking to meet someone. They finally met at one of Mom’s (then) favorite restaurants in Nashville, Whiskey Kitchen, during a group get together. Neither one knew what the other looked like… It was love at first sight.  Five and a half years later, they are still very much in love and now have two beautiful girls.


Baby #2

Dad actually told mom that they were pregnant with baby number two.  This one was planned.  Mom tested her urine and walked away to help their oldest daughter, forgetting about the test. Dad walked in to use the restroom, saw the two lines and told Mom she was pregnant with a big hug and kiss!

meghan-vail-photography_2226This pregnancy was great! Mom really can’t complain about the actual pregnancy. Now, life during the pregnancy was crazy.  God really challenged them during the last trimester. Dad’s truck was stolen, Mom ended up getting stuck in an elevator and having to be rescued by the fire department, Dad was involved in a car accident and the list goes on…


It’s a …

Dad and Mom didn’t find out the gender. Mom delivered at a birthing center and Dad was able to “catch” the baby.   They are beyond excited to have a second girl.  Everyone else swore that the baby was a boy because of the way Mom was carrying her.

Since they didn’t know the gender, Mom and Dad had picked out the name Lola June for their little girl. If the baby had been a boy, the name would have been Edward Mclean, after Dad’s late grandfather.


The Birth, as told by Mom

I love my delivery story.  For my first daughter, we delivered at a hospital.  This pregnancy we chose to deliver at a birthing center with midwives.  The difference was night and day. I labored at home for almost the entire time. My husband’s a chiropractor. I was getting adjusted during the early phases of labor.  My water broke when we were actually running an errand and with within the hour my little Lola June arrived.

I almost had her in the car! We arrived at the birthing center at 4:16 PM and Lola arrived at 4:20 PM.  I was planning on a water birth, but my little one came too quickly.  Fortunately my husband was able to catch her.  For baby number three we will probably stick to delivering at home!



Lola and Lillian both have very similar facial features, nose, eye shape and color, cheeks.  Lola came out with dark brown hair and an olive complexion, where as Lillian (their first) had light blonde hair and fair complexion.  Also, Lola looks like she is going to have her Daddy’s beauty mark.  Dad has a mole on the side of his nose and little Lola has a freckle right now in the same spot.


How’s it Going Mom?

Not bad… You do things differently with baby number two.  I’m way more relaxed with this one.  Tired, but not as tired as I was with Lillian. I’ve learned to stop and enjoy the moments. In a blink of an eye she’ll be off to kindergarten like her big sister.