meghan-vail-photography_2217They Meet

Mom and Dad met while cheering for opposing teams during the hockey play offs.  What really got them talking and kept them talking was the TV station cutting over to the Kentucky Derby during overtime.  While the station made some enemies of hockey fans everywhere, that was all it took to get these two chatting.  At a time when smartphones weren’t everywhere, it wasn’t until much later that they found out who won. And since they didn’t mention to me whose team was the victor, I have to assume that it’s all water under the bridge.


She’s Expecting

Mom was so excited to find out they were expecting that she told Dad as soon as she saw the results…at 5 am!!

They couldn’t wait to find out whether they were having a boy or girl. They were so excited. Mom swore she knew they were having a girl… she even had her toes painted “Peru Ruby” before they got their test results!

Before they were even pregnant, they had family names picked out for the future little one: Ruby for a girl and James for a boy.  It’s a good thing Mom didn’t think it was a boy, because she would have had a tough time finding nail polish with “James” in the name. 🙂


All Ready?

Nope!  Ruby couldn’t wait to get here… she came three weeks early. Mom and Dad still hadn’t packed a hospital bag, gotten the car seat installed, or finished the nursery!


The Arrival

Mom didn’t realize she was in labor.  She thought she was feeling sick from dinner. They checked with the doctor who suggested a hospital visit might be in order. Once there, the doctor took one look and said, “That wave of nausea, that’s a contraction. You’re having a baby today!”

She’s Here

Mom says Ruby is even prettier than they expected and Dad says his first emotions when he saw her were overwhelming joy and love for both mom and Ruby.


“We still can’t believe that Ruby is here already. She is the perfect fit to our family. We love every moment we get to spend with her! It is so much fun watching her learn about the world around her.”