Mom and Dad have been together 12 years now, married for 5, and have a set of 2 year old twins (Kinsley & Karson).  They continued the K name tradition with Miss Kennedy’s birth.

meghan-vail-photography_2013The Gender Reveal

We practiced flashcards with our (then) 1 1/2 year old twins – “Dinosaur” meant baby brother and “Princess” meant baby sister. The ultrasound tech put the appropriate “Dinosaur” or “Princess” flashcard in a sealed envelope and we opened it on Easter Sunday, showing the twins first so that they could reveal to us that we were having another baby girl! meghan-vail-photography_2014

Kennedy’s Arrival

Labor didn’t go quite according to “our plan” – but God had a much bigger plan for Miss Kennedy. She came a little earlier than expected, but was quite the perfect miracle who was just ready to join our circus a little sooner than we thought!

From ultrasounds, we knew Kennedy would have a lot of hair – what we didn’t know is that she’d have a head full of blonde hair! HA!meghan-vail-photography_2019meghan-vail-photography_2015

First Thoughts

LOVE at first sight!!! With having twins the first go ’round, it was hard to sit back and soak it all in.  It was chaos from the very first minute. We’ve been able to actually breath this time around and have been enjoying the “ease” of having just 1 baby 🙂

meghan-vail-photography_2016meghan-vail-photography_2018Just one of the Gang

Kennedy has been our calm to this crazy circus of ours. With 2 year old twins running around, God knew the Sprowl family needed a break!  Kennedy has been an angel. Kinsley has been THE BEST big sister and would hold her 24/7 if we allowed it. Karson, on the other hand, is not so sure he likes being surrounded by girls all day and having to share mom’s attention 😉meghan-vail-photography_2017