Mom and Dad Meet

Mom and Dad met at SUBU Crossfit in downtown Orlando.  So, it seems like the gym really is a great place to meet! When Mom found out she was pregnant she screamed frantically from the bathroom, so there were no surprise reveal and just pure excitement.

meghan-vail-photography_1994Natalie in Daddy's handsNatalie Studio Photos

Mom & Dad Prepare for Baby

Baby prep went well except that Natalie was born a month early, so not everything was ready and the nursery wasn’t finished. Her early arrival wasn’t the only surprise up Miss Natalie’s sleeve. Mom and Dad didn’t expect to have a little one with such a full head of hair! Mom and Dad were both completely overwhelmed with emotion when they first saw her and have been enjoying their first few weeks with their little one.

Purple Newborn Girl Photomeghan-vail-photography_1999meghan-vail-photography_1997