Mom and Dad met in Houston, TX back in April of 2004. Mom was attending a family friend’s engagement party and Dad was working at the venue. They couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. Everyone couldn’t help but notice the attraction between them; including his boss who later fired him. He may have lost his job, but in the process, he met his future wife.


Mom decided to take a pregnancy test on Christmas morning. When the results turned out positive, mom quickly snuck the test into a mini-giftcard sized Christmas stocking that she stuck on the wall next to where all of the family stockings were hung. Mom must have a lot of patience because she waited until the time when Dad would hand out all of the stockings to each family member. He was surprised to find an extra little stocking on the wall announcing the newest addition to the family.


The family found out that they were having a boy fairly early on in the pregnancy and were surprised. Three boys in a row?! What are the odds? No, but really. Who knows what the odds are of three boys in a row? Mom and Dad knew right away that this little guy’s name would be Maximus. They have had a lot of practice picking out boy’s names.


Maximus was due August 21st. In May, Mom started going nuts “nesting” without realizing that was what she was doing. Max came six weeks early in July, so Mom was glad that the nesting had kicked in and she had gotten a head start getting the nursery ready.


“I cried as soon as I heard Max belt his first few cries. Rick never left his side as they cleaned him up and I was so happy once I got to hold him. We were so happy to bring baby Max home, after he spent a week in the NICU. We were thankful to have the whole family together under one roof.”