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Mom and Dad have been together for almost ten years now. They meet in graduate school at the University of Central Florida. They had several classes together and were in the same study groups, but were friends for over a year before they started dating.

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Mom took a pregnancy test at home on the Friday before Labor Day. When it immediately read positive, she called Dad at work and told him. His response was “are you sure you took the test the right way???” They were in happy shock after struggling for years to get pregnant with their first two girls.

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Mom had a easy pregnancy with no complaints. After being pregnant twice before, she tried to embrace the body changes and remember how badly they had wanted children just a few years ago. They didn’t find out what they were having, so when the doctor said “it’s a girl” Mom and Dad both cried happy tears. Dad’s next thought was “Another wedding!” and Mom was just happy to finally know. She also promised Dad she would buy him a boy puppy, so he wouldn’t feel quite so outnumbered. If Miss Margaret Anne had been a boy, she would have been Daniel Gordon. Both are family names and all three girls are named after very special family members.

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With Maggie being their third, Mom and Dad were pretty laid back when it came to baby prep…maybe a little too laid back. They didn’t even install the car seat until two nights before they went into the hospital. Mom went in a 7 am to be induced and Maggie was born at 11:53 am. Mom and Dad are both thankful that labor was pretty easy and uneventful. Mom says she looks just like a combination of her two older sisters. She has proven to be a great third child in her first weeks of life. She’s a good eater and sleeper and has a fairly easy personality.   Thank goodness for that, because with three little girls under the age of three, Mom and Dad have their hands full!

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