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Mom and Dad met at work and have been together for three years. When mom took the pregnancy test she yelled to Dad to come to the bathroom and look at the test and make sure she was reading it correctly. They both stared in disbelief and then excitement at the prospect of becoming parents. Mom enjoyed being pregnant and knowing a small human was growing inside her belly. She may have also enjoyed fantastic thick hair. She will be happy to fit back into her old clothes now and not having to pee all of the time.

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Mom and Dad were both overjoyed when they found out they were having a boy. Aidan fit his name so well that Mom and Dad can’t even remember what other names they considered. They wanted a unique name that fit will with his middle name, so Aidan it is!

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Mom needed a c-section and everything went well. Dad even did great and little Aidan looked just like what they expected – lots of hair! The first few days at home were hectic and blissful at the same time. Mom’s first thought when she saw him was “he’s perfect” and Dad thought “amazing, realizing what we created.”

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