I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. Aria, whose mother I have known for over 20 years! (What?! How does that happen when I’m only 23? Heheh) It’s been so much fun seeing photos and reading stories of Aria’s big brother as he has grown. And as many probably already know, Mom has such a way with words that her stories are always hilarious.

Meghan Vail Photography_1225

Mom and dad met at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) while they were both dating other people. It didn’t take long before they were together, and in a weird twist of fate, the two exes later married each other, so I guess it was a happy ending for everyone.

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When mom found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to tell dad and texted him a picture of the positive pregnancy test right away.

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With a seven year old boy, mom and dad were beyond thrilled to find out at just 10 weeks, that they were having a girl. One of the benefits of being of “advanced maternal age” is that today’s technology affords new opportunities for cell free DNA testing.

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Penelope had always been at the top of Mom and Dad’s girl’s names list. Unfortunately, the Kardashians used/tainted the name (as they have for new parents everywhere!) and it lost its luster. The show Pretty Little Liars may have had something to do with the names Spencer and Aria making it onto the baby name list (no one in THIS household secretly watches the show, right?), and Dad vetoed Spencer, so Aria was officially named. The middle name, Rin, is from an anime, and will most likely be the inspirations for a future Halloween costume for this little one.

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Aria means “solo melody” and Rin means “companion”, so I like to think that Miss Aria is the individual that completes this beautiful family.

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