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Ellie’s parents met through a mutual friend, but later found out they had a lot of mutual friends and had actually gone to UCF together, so perhaps it was always written in the stars.

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Dad was at work when Mom took the pregnancy test, so she texted him a picture of the positive result. They had been going back and forth about adding to their family of three for some time, so he didn’t believe her and thought it was a practical joke! She had to take FIVE pregnancy tests before he believed it. Mom says that pregnancy isn’t so bad, except, you know, all of the weight gain and not sleeping. But feeling the baby move and roll around inside of her was the best feeling in the world.

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At 14 weeks into the pregnancy, they found out they were having a baby girl. Mom cried after finding out because she has always wanted a little girl. Big brother got a whole new set of “big boy” furniture and passed his down to little sister. Mom and Dad both already loved the nickname Ellie, so it was only a matter of finding a full name that would fit. When they found the name Elliana, which means “My God has answered” they knew they had the perfect name for their little girl.

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Big brother looks a lot like Mom, so she just assumed that Ellie would be another mini-me. They were quite surprised that Ellie looks more like her dad right now. You can be the judge and comment if you think this is the case.   Regardless, it was instant love and mom can’t stop doting on her “perfect baby”.

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