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They Meet

Mom and Dad met at the gym of all places! They are both fitness professionals and were introduced in 2004 when a colleague invited Mom to workout with him and his workout partner. They’ve been together now for 10 years!

It’s a ???

Mom and Dad decided not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. When the doctor said it was a girl, they both had tears in their eyes. I’m sure big brother is also excited!

The Name

For a girl, Mom liked Maliyah (Muh-LI-yah) Grace , but dad liked Maleayah (Muh-lee-yah) Grace.  When they couldn’t agree, Mom began looking at different names.  Dad remembered a family member had the middle name Grace, so that disqualified the middle name. They had agreed on Kilah (KI-lah) Marie before (but another cousin had a similar name). They were able to agree on Marie as the middle name. In searching baby names, there were 2 requirements. For Dad it had to have a strong meaning and for Mom it had to be unique or unisex.  Skylar was a name we both agreed on. Upon meeting her, one Uncle pointed out that her initials are SMH, which is very appropriate because all of her uncles did just that (smh) when they learned it was a girl!

How have the first few days at home been going?

Things have been great. Big brother LOVES his sis. Aside from adjustments to having another newborn and having TWO babies, it’s been amazing!

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They Meet

Jack’s Dad and uncle were roommates in college. Mom was waiting for her brother to get changed before going to out to dinner when Dad came into the house and saw her sitting there with her mom and decided to strike up a conversation. During the conversation, her was demeaning to Mom’s major, and Mom says it’s been true love every since. That was 13 years ago!

It’s a Boy

Mom and Dad couldn’t wait to find out what they were having. The most important thing was a healthy baby, but they were hoping to give big sister a little brother, and they weren’t disappointed. During very early testing, the sonographer said she was 97% certain it was a boy, but it was even more exciting when blood tests later confirmed it!

Mom and Dad have always loved the name Jackson, but during the pregnancy big sister started loving a book with a puppy named Charlie. Since Dad’s named Charles, Mom briefly considered switching to Charles, but Jackson won out in the end.

The Preparations

Like most seasoned parents, Mom waited until the last month to get serious about baby prep. She frantically worked on sanding down their old crib to paint, but when the paint sprayer broke and it didn’t turn out the way she had hoped, Dad ordered a new crib and put it together.

The Arrival

Mom kept talking herself out of believing she was in labor! She didn’t want to go to the hospital and be told she was overreacting and to just go home. Sooooooo, she worked until 3 pm that day and realized something was up when she got home. She drove herself to the hospital and was told she was already 8 cm dilated! Dad rushed to pick up big sis and got to the hospital just in time for the delivery!

First thoughts and first few days – In Mom’s words

I was in love. I kept questioning how I could share my love, since I was over the moon about my daughter. But, we both immediately fell in love at first sight.

The night we brought Jack home, our daughter got very sick. So Daddy spent the night with our toddler and I spent the night with the baby. Then two days later we both got sick. It was a hard transition!

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