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Marley | Central Florida Newborn Baby Girl

They meet

We met in college.  He agreed to take a friend of mine to the Winter Formal and I had to go scope him out. I stopped by his dorm room and informed him that if he did anything stupid or hurt my friend in any way I would kill him – especially since I now knew where he lived. He laughed and shut the door in my face thinking I was crazy! A week later at the dance he and my friend ended up hanging out with different people. I found him sitting at a table alone and started chatting. After a while we ended up laughing about my somewhat crazy loyalty to my friend and we quickly decided to become friends. We started dating in January of 2007 and have enjoyed our 10 magical years of love & friendship!

They’re expecting

We had tried for a long time to get pregnant, so I had this amazing plan to surprise Dad with balloons and a baby book and other adorable little trinkets when the time finally came. Funny enough, I took a test on a whim.  I was so shocked when it was positive that I immediately called him up (at work!) and told him! “Um I peed on a stick and it is positive! What do we do now?!?”  Thankfully my husband was his normal cool, calm and collected self and was able to help me chill out! When we realized we truly were going to have a baby we just hugged and held one another for the longest time.

The best thing about being pregnant was watching my husband prepare to become a daddy. He was already the best husband in the world.  Watching him ready himself to be a daddy was the most amazing thing ever. He was so positive and upbeat about everything and his confidence made me feel so at ease. We would sit and talk about our future as a family of three, just imagining all of the wonderful things we would learn from our little lady!It’s a Girl!

We were on the fence about finding out the sex of the baby so ultimately I let Dad choose whether we would find out. He opted to find out and surprise our families with a cake reveal! At our appointment, the ultrasound technician turned off the screen and wrote down the result on a piece of paper that was sealed in an envelope. I figured we wouldn’t open it for a while but 10 minutes later we were in the car and decided we couldn’t wait! My husband opened the envelope, looked at me and started tearing up. Then he handed me the paper and he said “we are having a little girl!”. It was one of the most emotional moments of my life.

We struggled with settling on a name. Everyone has an opinion and it can be tough to get attached to something your family members hate haha! So, we decided to make a short list of potential names and decide on one when she arrived. Molly, Margaret, Josephine, Kate, and Marley were our “final five” contenders. Marley was an anagram from letters in our last name and my maiden name so it was literally a combination of the two of us. Once we saw her we just knew she was Marley. None of the other names fit her but she was 100% our Marley girl!

Time to labor

Marley was determined to be growth restricted so at 39 weeks & 1 day I received a call from my OB practice to head to the hospital for an induction. We checked in at 5:30 pm where I was started on pitocin. I labored on a bouncy ball feeling pretty good. We had our sisters and brother-in-law visit us.  We cracked jokes and offered snacks to the nurses for several hours.

At 8 cm they broke my water & had me labor in bed since the monitors weren’t picking up baby’s heartbeat consistently due to the bouncing. Once in bed, I was in terrible pain so I asked for “the juice.”   I received an epidural which was nothing short of magical.

Keeping Mom & Dad on their toes!

Just under 30 minutes later I had progressed to 10 cm and began pushing. Suddenly the heart monitors couldn’t pick up the baby’s heartbeat.  I was instructed to stop pushing as they added additional monitors. Pitocin was stopped and I was given a shot in my thigh to stop contractions altogether. When none of this helped in finding little girl’s heart beat additional doctors and nurses were called in the room to help. I looked at my husband and knew something was seriously wrong. We were told that if in 90 seconds things didn’t improve we would be moving across the hall to the OR. We both agreed and said our only concern was the safety of our little girl.

At the same time it was discovered that my epidural went into a blood vessel. I was immediately wheeled across the hall for a spinal block and the emergency C-section began. Dad made it in the room in time to pull out his phone as Marley was being born. My husband was a rockstar the entire time, keeping me calm and as relaxed as possible. We were both terrified of the worst case scenario so when she was born perfectly healthy (just small) we were both absolutely overcome with emotion.
Marley is the most adorable little baby, absolutely full of personality. Being her Mom and Dad has been filled with every emotion known to man. We never could have prepared to love someone so fiercely.  Yet, every day we find ourselves falling deeper and deeper in love with our little lady.

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