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Mom did such a lovely job of telling us about her pregnancy and about their family that I’ve decided to leave everything in her own words.  Little AJ has an awesome family filled with so much love!

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We met in our MBA program at UF. We both lived in Orlando and would travel up to Gainesville once a month for classes. The first real exchange we had was when I asked, “Who is wearing Abercrombie cologne?” and when Dennis said that it was him, I said, “I don’t like it.” (I’m not normally a rude person so I don’t know what made me say it, but wow!) We didn’t start dating right away. We actually fought against it and then kept it a secret because we didn’t want everyone in our program to know. It was a unique start to a relationship, but it’s totally us (spontaneous, funny, surprising – LOL).

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I found out that we were expecting the day before Dennis’ birthday so I decided to keep it a secret, take a few more tests to be sure, and tell him as a part of his gifts. I put baby bottles in the cooler I got him but made him open a card first – I found the perfect card that had a checklist listing all of these things that he is (“You’re: -Awesome, -So Amazing, -Fantastic, -Simply the Best”) and I added “-Going to be a Dad!” I recorded his reaction and it was really such a special moment.

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The most annoying thing about being pregnant was people constantly asking how I was feeling. I was lucky that I felt good for the majority of my pregnancy – and I enjoyed being pregnant and feeling our little guy move around. I did love the bond that my husband formed with our little guy even before he was born- he would talk to him, rub my belly, etc. everyday. It made my heart so happy.


Initially we weren’t going to find out what we were having so we’d told everyone we weren’t going to find out, but the day before the big ultrasound we decided that we wanted to know. It was very obvious that the baby was a boy, which we laughed about since we already had a girl name picked out, but we were just happy to have a healthy baby on the way.

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As far as our families knew, we still hadn’t found out the gender so we waited until our families could be together on Christmas Eve to surprise them and tell them all together. The reactions and excitement were so awesome. We had a short list of names that we kept secret from everyone except my grandmother (because she is one of the few people I know who can really keep a secret) – she passed away about 5 weeks before AJ was born so having her know our names made me feel like she knew him a little, too. We didn’t actually pick a name until he was a few hours old – we wanted to get a feel for his little personality and see his sweet face first. (The white knit blanket in the photo below was a gift from mom’s grandmother, before she passed away. We were so happy to be able to capture this moment; one generation passing along to a new generation.)Meghan Vail Photography_1242Much to our surprise, I was induced 3 weeks before our due date so we still had some things left on our to-do list. We went in for an appointment in the morning and were told we needed to check in to the hospital that day to be induced – we didn’t even have bags packed, baby clothes washed, or the car seat installed so it was quite a shock! Since Dennis delivered him, the first thing I remember was seeing him holding our baby boy – and then he handed the baby to me. I’ll never forget that special moment.

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The cute little bear ears and matching bear are from Lee Crochet.

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